Tips to use social media for improving your writing skills

Tips to use social media for improving your writing skills

It goes without saying that both school and university students have to deal with essay writing, let alone more serious paper writing characteristic of higher educational institutions. At the same time, there is hardly any student who does not enjoy spending time on the social networks. Almost everyone has an account on social media websites and follows it on a regular basis.

However, there is a chance to combine useful with pleasant: social media can be very helpful in improving students’ writing skills. Do you still doubt? Here are 10 ways how social media websites can improve your writing skills.

Get connected with the target audience

One of the most popular writing tips is giving your paper to someone for him to proofread it or just judge it. Social media can prevent you from printing your text, fetching it to your friend or relative. All your circle of communication is gathered in one place so you can send your text to the person to evaluate it without much effort.

Find your voice through blogging

A blog is not only a good way to speak up your mind but also a means to improve your speech. When you write a blog, you do that in your own style. Moreover, you think twice composing sentences and gradually come to the conclusion that you have created your own writing voice.

Become an efficient and authoritative writer

Social media posts are accompanied not only by hashtags but also hyperlinks that must be naturally included in the text. This experience will be incredibly useful for using citations and quotes in academic writing. Moreover, providing arguments and evidence is very important in every piece of writing so using links to other sources you make your writing more authoritative.

Communicate with experts

Social media is also a destination where writing experts create their groups or pages and offer their compositions for discussion. If you are interested in writing, you can not only look through such pages but also connect with this people directly and get advice if you wish.

Read other posts

Though it may seem that simple posts have no educational value, it is a huge mistake. When you read any material, you automatically expand your vocabulary, learn to make texts more coherent and readable, improve your proofreading skills etc. These precious skills are incredibly important for writing a custom essay.

Receive a feedback faster

Analyzing the shares, likes, and tweets you can easily understand if the audience enjoys reading your texts. You can even organize contests for a better essay title if you are assigned to choose it yourself. Be sure to get a result almost immediately.

Take advantage of the links to use for writing tools

There are many advertising posts on social media websites and it always happens that even paid tools are offered for free demo use. Take advantage of such tools as grammar, punctuation and spelling checkers. Use tools that measure readability, find repetitions, count words or provide tips for more eloquent writing. Some of them may become your great assistants in academic writing. Be open to everything new.

Discuss teacher’s comments on the written pieces with your peers

It is important to learn from the mistakes made by others. If you are a conscious learner, you will undoubtedly remember them and never step on the same rakes. Ask your classmates and groupmates what comments were left by the teacher or answer questions of others. Social media provides this wonderful opportunity to everyone.

Get assistance in the research

Social media attracts different people and some of them can be rather knowledgeable in the field you have chosen as your major. If you need to find some sources on the topic, organize discussions and you will be surprised to see how helpful these discussions can be.

Opt for collaboration in writing

If you have troubles with writing your text, never doubt and ask for writing help on social media websites like You may not only learn some useful tips, get inspirational ideas but even have some chapters completed.

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