Interesting and Fascinating Facts about USA

Facts about USA no one will told you

It’s always easy to look at someone else and see how strange or bizarre they are, but sometimes a little self-reflection is a good thing. And my fellow Americans, we are pretty freaking weird.

From our towns, to our cities, to our states, the U.S. is one odd place. We’ve got strange people, strange traditions, and strange laws, all adding up to make America one of the most bizarre countries in the world. Check out some of the things that make us so wacky.

Fascinating Facts about USA
USA Facts

Why is this even a thing?

facts of USA
interesting facts about USA

I guess there are places mules can go that cars can’t?

Amazing Facts about USA
Interesting facts about USA

Is being frozen really worth celebrating?

Facts about Golden gate bridge USA
Facts about USA

Not something they tell you about in the history books.

This seems a little sad.

This definitely infringes upon my right to be weird in public.

Looks like Florida was a popular destination even 7,000 years ago!

Let’s hope this isn’t still something that happens.

Because when I think “Indiana,” I think “ancient landmarks.”

Who the heck is buying lost baggage?!

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