Some Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know

some amazing facts about world you should know

The world is filled with mysteries, there are Some Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know. Some solved, some you can’t fathom and some that remain completely unknown. But then, there comes a time when the unknown becomes known, and once verified, it becomes fact.  So, here are some amazing facts from around the world that will really leave you amazed:

In Japan, letting a sumo wrestler make your baby cry is considered good luck.

amazing facts about world

Sumo wrestlers hold babies in the air and attempt to make them CRY During bizarre Japanese festival believed to bring good health.

New Zealand for Sale on eBay

amazing facts about world

In 2006, an Australian man tried to sell New Zealand on eBay. The price rose to $3,000 before eBay shut it down.

In 1948, before Pakistan had the facilities, The Reserve Bank of India issued provisional notes for the Pakistani Rupee.

Amazing Facts about world

It put the stamp of Government of Pakistan. They started printing it later in 1948.

Saddam Hussein was the author of a romantic novel called Zabiba and the King

amzing facts about world everyone should know

It was originally published anonymously in Iraq in 2000. As a kid, Adolf Hitler wanted to be a priest.

Amazing Facts about world

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