Reality of Palestine- Israel Conflict

Reality of Palestine-Israel Conflict

Conflict over territory is the main essence and reality of Palestine-Israel conflict. The conflict started with struggle of Palestinian Arabs who were natives of Palestine with Zionists over controlling land really owned by Palestinian Arabs.

Palestinian Struggle for their Land

What is Zionism? Zionism is basically a European political movement aimed at establishing a Jewish State with its capital at Jerusalem. The only solution according to Zionists for establishment of Jewish state is to dispossession and displacement of the Palestinians already living on that land. Moreover, these lands are also owned by these Palestinian Arabs, who are living there for centuries.

The Zionist goals were accomplished both during cataclysmic events such as the wars of 1948 and 1967, and through other more subtle, systematic, legal, and political means, leaving the Palestinians no choice but to struggle for national self-determination in their historical homeland.

reality of palestine israel conflict
Map of Palestinian Land Loss

Although religion plays a role in defining the identities of the parties to the conflict, and for some Jews, in justifying their claims to the land, the conflict is not, fundamentally, a religious conflict. Early leaders of the Zionist movement were not particularly religious, just as many Israelis today are secular in outlook.

Role of Islamic Movements in Palestine: Recently, Islamic organizations such as Hamas have gained political power among Palestinians, lending the conflict a more religious hue than in the past. Nonetheless, a variety of indices suggests that Hamas has gained power less from devotion to its ultimate aim of creating an Islamic state in all of Palestine than from the failures of the secular nationalist Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leadership.

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