Photos Captured The Moment Before Disaster

These Photos Capture The Moment Before Disaster

Here you will find some photos from around the world; Photos captured the moment before disaster

These photographers captured the worst moments of these people’s lives, just as they were happening. Car crashes and other disasters are extremely terrifying. These photographs, taken at the very moment they occur, show them in their full spectacle.

Disaster Photos

This photo of Nigel Corner in midair was taken by Jeff Bloxam during the Goodwood Revival in 1998. Corner was extremely lucky to survive, though he was definitely not unscathed. Corner experienced multiple injuries from being flung into the air at high speed. He broke twenty bones, punctured both of his lungs and broke his back.

While paramedics were attending him, he was reportedly more concerned with the fate of his car and how much it would cost to repair than his own health.

Think this is as extreme as crash photos can be? Take a look at some of the pics in this article.

This is the MV Rena, an enormous container ship owned by the Greek shipping company Costamare Inc. The Rena ran aground near Tauranga, New Zealand on October 5, 2011 through navigation mistakes. The collision resulted in the ship breaking in two and releasing a huge oil spill. The ship slowly sank below the waves – the stern section went under on January 10. By October 9, a huge oil slick spanning over three square miles had spread, doing significant damage to the area’s wildlife. The ship was carrying about 1,700 tons of heavy fuel oil, as well as 200 tons of marine diesel and eight shipping containers that contained hazardous waste. At least no crew were killed during the accident.

This photo was taken of a famous Thunderbird F-16C pilot ejecting right after takeoff during an airshow in 2003. The airshow was held at teh Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. The crash was caused by error on the part of the pilot, Captain Chris Stricklin. Stricklin incorrectly climbed to 1,670 feet in order to execute a “Split S” maneuver, far short of the necessary 2,500 feet. He plunged downwards to execute the maneuver and then realized his mistake. He aimed the jet away from the crowd and then ejected when the plane was only 140 feet above the ground, less than one second before impact. Thankfully, he suffered no significant injuries and none of the onlookers did, either. The 20 million dollar jet was totaled.

This photo shows Felipe Massa, a Brazilian driver, in the midst of his horrific crash at the German Grand Prix in 2014. Massa collided with Kevin Magnussen going into the race’s first bend. Massa’s car was forced off the track and flipped onto its head, skidding to a long halt. Massa was able to exit the car and walk away from the wreck.

This photo shows a promotional stunt done for Red Bull by Paul Steiner. Steiner climbed out of the cockpit of his glider, walked down the wing, grabbed its edge, and then flipped down to drop onto the wing of another glider flying beneath him. He then parachuted to the ground.

This is either an amazing driver or that car’s about to tip over onto its side. We’re guessing it’s the latter. Hopefully he was okay.

Mark Webber, an Australian driver, found himself airborne in his Mercedes CLR at the 1999 Le Mans race. At its highest, the tail of the CLR was thirty feet in the air. Disturbingly, the car went nose-up after making the race’s final crest for no apparent reason other than faulty design.

This is Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182, which hit a private Cessna above San Diego one morning in 1978. It was, at the time, the deadliest crash in the history of American aviation. The plane crash landed in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.

These three Lamborghinis crashed into each other at seventy miles an hour, destroying them. They were on their way from Singapore to a Malaysian car show in Kuala Lumpur. The combined value of the cars was a bit under a million dollars.

This Ferrari 360 Spider met an untimely, watery end after its owner parked next to a harbor to eat at a restaurant just a few feet away. The owner watched, helplessly, as a truck backed into the car and sent it diving nose-first into the water.

This photo was taken during a practice run for the RallyCross section of the X Games in 2012. The trickiest spot in the course was a double-ramped open jump that wrecked this Ford Fiesta, driven by Finn Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen.

This photo was taken at the moment a man was hurled from the passenger seat of a car. The photo was taken in the UK sometime in the 1920’s.

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