Natural Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Remedies for Tooth Pain at Home

Getting rid of any pain associated with your body is as important as to care about your skin and hairs. Problem in any single part of the body can disturb whole of your body functions, which on the other end will change your mood. Same is the case with pain in your teeth. Anyone a kid, women or man are effected equally by tooth ache. Usually this pain is so severe that it can be felt in whole body.

Tooth Pain Treatment
Usually, dentists are considered as best option for treating toothaches, but it is not always necessary that you have this option when you face such pain suddenly in the mid of night or at a place where there is no dentist available. In such cases it is necessary for everyone to know some remedies at home to deal with such pains till you get some medical treatment.

Home/Natural Remedies For Toothache
Most of the times there are lot of things available in almost every household that can cure this pain, but due to lack of knowledge we have to bear severe pains and later on have to spend huge sums on treatments. Let me here describe few things that can be useful in such toothaches as remedies at home;

1. Baking Soda
Baking soda is an item that is usually available in every house these days. In case of severe pain you have to use this as remedy to get rid of this pain. Just get some cotton and warm water; dip cotton ball in warm water and then dip it into soda and place it at area where you are feeling pain. Although this is not a complete treatment yet it will bring some relief to your pain.

Another option is; to make some home made mouth wash with baking soda. Just add two table spoons of baking soda into warm water and use it like mouth wash, which will relieve your pain till you get some medical treatment.
2. Cloves

Cloves are also essential spice available in almost every household. In case of severe pain just place a clove between teeth and keep them until you get some relief. Clove is considered from centuries as a natural remedy against such pains. In case you have clove oil at home two or three drops of that oil can also be used as treatment of toothache.
3. Teabags
Teabags can also be helpful in reducing your toothache. For this you have to place a warm tea bag in between your teeth until you get some relief, but remember not to tear the bag off. This will also bring relief to your toothache.
4. Ice Cube
Sometimes an ice cube can also be used as remedy against toothaches. In this case place an ice cube wrapped into clean cloth on outer side of your mouth e.g. cheek. This will not be a treatment but one can consider this as an option to wait until you get some medical help.
5. Clean Cloth
A clean cloth dipped in to a lightly warmed water can also be used against such pain. Place this warm cloth on your cheek till you get some treatment.

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6. Black Pepper
Black pepper is a spice that is almost available in every household and it is also one the famous household remedy against such pains and many other treatments from centuries. In case of severe toothache put it between your teeth till you get some relief.
7. Cucumber
In case of swollen gum causing pain, pieces of cucumber are needed; just rub these pieces on your sour area gently and this will surely help you.
8. Onion

Onion pieces without washing them can be used in between aching teeth will also help you getting some relief from the pain.
9. Potato

A piece of potato can also be used to get rid of this pain, just place it over aching teeth and you will get some relief
10. Mint Leaves

Chewing fresh leaves of mint can also be helpful in relieving your tooth ache.
11. Garlic Cloves

A garlic clove placed in between aching teeth can also be useful in dealing with tooth aches. Another method is to make a paste of garlic with salt and apply it on area where you are feeling pain is also very useful remedy against toothaches.

I am hopeful that these tips will be helpful for you in dealing with this kind of pain.

By:   Syeda Shumila Ali

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