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United States of America usually known as United States (US, USA or America) comprised of 50 states along with a Federal District. The capital or Federal District, Washington, DC along with other 48 states are in between Mexico and Canada. Thus they are in North America.

Across the Bering Strait, the state of Alaska lies in East of Russia and West of Canada, while of the most famous state Hawaii is in the mid- North of the Pacific Ocean.

United States is third largest country in terms of land area and population with almost 315 million people and about 9.83 million square kilometer (i.e. 3.79 million square miles) is the total area of USA.


Few of the geographic features of USA are;

  • Alaska is the largest state
  • Rhode Island is smallest state
  • California is largest state in terms of population
  • Wyoming is smallest state in terms of population
  • Highest point in USA is Mt. McKinley in Alaska
  • Lowest point in USA is known as Death Valley located in California


One famous state of USA, Hawaii which is usually not shown in Map of USA, is in middle of North Pacific about 2,550 miles in southwest of Los Angeles. According to political geography of USA, Hawaii is included in North America, but to its isolation and remoteness Hawaii is not usually considered as part of any continent.

A chain of freshwater lakes between Canada and USA are very famous. They are known as The Great Lakes,  and comprised of five lakes forming the largest group of lakes around the world as they have covered area of about 95,000 square miles. These lakes since the beginning of human life on American soils are famous as transportation rout, initially for trading of Fur and now for iron ore, petroleum, grain, automobiles and steel etc.

Alaska is the largest state of USA, located in Northern American continent, with its borders with Canada, Arctic Ocean in North, and from West and South with Pacific, while with Russia through Being Strait in West. With largest covered area Alaska is the least populated state among whole 50 States of USA.

MAP OF USA (50 States)


US Map
Outline Map of USA

USA Map with Area Code

US Map
US Area Codes Map


map of USA
US major cities map


us topographic map
Topographical map of US

Topographical maps are usually used to show the relief factor like valleys, hills, and mountains etc. in maps by using different color schemes. In this map different relief factors of the map are shown.

In West of The Great Lakes till Gulf of Mexico in South, the area is shown as green plains (i.e. Great Plains), while massive Rockies (a mountain range) along with several other hills and ranges are found in western third of US.

A broad coastal plain stretches in eastern lower Appalachian Mountains to Southern coastlines on Gulf of Mexico.

A mixed assorted mixed forests and flat lands are found in southeastern and southern coastal lines of US. Swamps, deltas, bayous, mud flats and marshes collectively form the overall coastal areas of the US.


Counties map of US
US counties map

Counties are considered as politico- geographical subdivision of state in United States. Some sort of authorities are also assigned to these counties to reduce the pressure on state and central government related to ordinary business of politicians. There are around 3,007 counties in US.

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