Huawei Honor 7X Specifications, Price and Pictures

Honor 7X Price in Pakistan

This review is about Huawei Honor 7X Specifications, Price and Picutres. These days Honour 7x is one of the best mobile phone available in market, under the banner of its parent company Huawei from China. The Honor 7X is the first mid-range device to bring an 18:9 ratio display to the market, and that’s impressive considering the price point. A few issues with performance, and the absence of NFC, mean it’s not a must-have phone though.

The Honor 7X sits at the lower end of mid-range devices and will cost $199 or £269.99 (about AU$475) SIM-free. It’s up for pre-order now at the Honor website, and if you order on December 5 you’ll get the phone by December 15 in both the US and UK, but we don’t have any details on the Australian release or news for other markets yet.

Huawei’s current Mate lineup already offers great value in the high-end segment, with the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, as well as in the large screen mid-range, in the face of the Mate 10 Lite.

Design of Honor 7X

The Honor 7X comes in blue and black, with an additional gold variant we’re not likely to see on these shores. We’d call its design high-end generic: it has the smooth aluminium curves and sleek antenna lines of your standard iPhone clone, with a shallow circular fingerprint pad on the back. The dual cameras are aligned horizontally alongside the flash, and the branding is very subtle.

A metal unibody and a glass front – it might be overused, yes, but we still think it’s a timeless look. The Honor 7X pulls it off magnificently in every aspect and we’ll enjoy every bit of it, before the iPhone-inspired wireless charging-friendly devices come pouring in.

Specifications of Hwawei Honor 7X

Price of Honor 7X in Pakistan

The price of Honor 7X in Pakistan is RS. 25, 999 only, which is no doubt very affordable and according to the specifications of Honor 7X.

Pictures of Honor 7X

Honor 7X Pictures
Huawei Honor 7X
Honor 7X Specifications
Huawei Honor 7X Pictures
Huawei Honor 7X Price
Huawei Honor 7X
Huawei Honor 7X Price, Pictures, Specifications
Huawei Honor 7X

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