How to prepare Interview Questions for ISSB

ISSB interview Preparation

Getting selected in Pakistan Army as commissioned officer through ISSB is not an easy process you have to go through different phases. In first phase you have to get yourself registered via official website, then you have to appear in initials. ISSB will be the most difficult process and those who prove themselves in this phase will be selected for Pak Army as Commissioned Officers.

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When someone passes initials for ISSB, he/she has to pass through most difficult and tough part i.e. ISSB interview. It is tough because this interview encompass all the points that can be used to check suitability of any person. It will judge your personality, your personality traits, personal life, complex questions, attitude, narrative and counter narrative. They will judge you by asking questions about your living, your family, friends, past life, your area of interest, reason behind your choice of armed forces. In short every possible thing will be analysed through interview. Normally, they divide this into different types of questions, for example;

  1. Questions about your life (personal)
  2. Questions related to your academics and achievements in academic life
  3. Questions about social life
  4. Your interests, games you play, your hobbies etc..
  5. Sports and games you play or like
  6. Questions about armed forces.
  7. General awareness.
  8. Questions about General knowledge
  9. Questions related to religion (history of Islam)
  10. Current affairs.
  11. Abbreviations.
  12. Questions regarding boyfriend or girlfriend
  13. Sex related questions

In next section we will post the questions that can be asked under each of the head. So till then wait and visit us regularly 

Best of Luck all aspirants and learner from Team Learning INN

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