How Marriage can Change your Personality

Marriage completely changes your personality within just 18 months. this articles is about “How Marriage can Change your Personality”.  It encourages married couples to find ways to get along on a daily basis.Researchers studied 169 newlywed heterosexual couples for 18 months to detect trends in their personality change after marriage. Five changes in personality that were observed by the researchers among married couples were; openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neurotic-ism.Commitment of marriage has a positive effect on the wives’ emotional stability. Research showed that wives became less anxious, depressed and angry after marriage. On other hand, husbands became more conscientious meaning they become more dependable and responsible in marriage.

In the study, both partners were found to be less open as time went on. This change reflects their acceptance of the routines of marriage. The study showed that couples generally become less extrovert and after marriage, couples spent less time with their social circle.Although female partners are more agreeable in the start but researchers noted that both partners become less patient and more disagreeable with each other with the passage of time. One explanation for this is, as the time passes, old habits can come back.

How marriage can change your Personality

These changes were unaffected by age and relationship length before marriage. Cohabitation before marriage, initial marital satisfaction, or parenthood status also did not affect the changes in these 5 traits of the couple’s personality. This suggest that to some extents these changes are universal and unavoidable.Scientists found that personality changes begin right from the onset of a marriage as partners adjust to their roles. Psychologists believe that 2 important marital skills are required for a successful marriage which are self-control and forgiveness.

A study showed that couples increased in forgiveness and self-control after marriage. Another study showed how life-satisfaction or happiness changes after marriage. Satisfaction does rise for a while after marriage but it usually returns to baseline levels after a year or so.

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