Guideline for ISSB – How to Join Pak Army

How to prepare for ISSB

One of the most wanted job for all Pakistanis is becoming commissioned officer in Pakistan Army by passing Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB). This is the best way to get a job in defense and armed forces of Pakistan. Anyone willing to join Pakistan Army as an officer has to pass through this testing system. ISSB is mandatory to get commission which comprised of set of difficult but interesting processes and procedures. Anyone can apply online from official website or by visiting nearest Recruitment and Selection Center in different cities of Pakistan. Competing the Initials – Preliminary Selection or maybe just thinking about joining Pakistan Armed Forces as an officer. In all the cases mentioned above your love for your country and armed forces is praised and I admire your approach.

In ISSB exams human capabilities are testified through different tests. A person willing to join Pak Army must have ability to think clearly and critically, managing stresses, team building and management skills, ability to work as a team, critical thinking, decision making, along with physical fitness. A person having all these capabilities must also be a person of strong nerves and physique.

During the whole process everyone should remain calm, honest, frank and straightforward but it is necessary to avoid any false statement about yourself. Everyone should speak truth since the start of filling application form because all information you will provide will be rechecked time and again. Now a days, there are lot of academies in our country that offer courses to prepare for ISSB, but according to law these type of trainings prior to ISSB are not allowed, therefore according to SOPs of ISSB it is directed not to join any such academy. If proved will make you ineligible for ISSB. Few important things to remember while going through this process are;


There is a famous proverb that, First impression is the last. Therefore, it is important for every aspirant to maintain his/her appearance up to mark i.e. clothing, grooming, dressing contrasts, arrival, entrance and looks. This will surely develop a good image of candidate at first instance.

Academic Qualifications

Good results in your academic studies are desired by ISSB, as if you were good at studies during school and college etc. you will be good at learning tactics, strategies, and usage of equipment after getting selected. Most desired expertise are; Mathematics and English.

General Knowledge

General knowledge is one of the key factor if you are applying for ISSB. It is desired from every candidate that he must be aware of; Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Science, History, Religion, International Affairs, Islam and Islamic History, History of Pakistan Armed Forces and world militaries, Knowledge of weapons, Wars (both Pakistan India wars, world wars, international conflicts etc.). It is therefore, recommended for aspirants to keep themselves updated with current affairs by discussing topics with parents, teachers, fellows, friends and follow major news channels, media networks and by reading newspaper before appearing in ISSB.

Leadership Skills

As an army officer, one have to lead his fellowmen throughout the career, it is therefore expected that every candidate must have leadership skills in his personality. A candidate involved in social, sports, academic, extra- curricular activities along with ability to conduct research is usually required and accepted by ISSB.


The most important factor is the physical fitness of the candidate. It is therefore, recommended that, you should maintain your physical fitness if willing to apply for ISSB. For this purpose, you should be doing physical exercises like running, swimming, jumping, climbing, hiking etc. along with maintaining your diet.


It is necessary to show confidence during whole of the process, even if someone is not familiar with anything should never show lack of confidence while doing it. One thing to remember is that, there is always a clear difference between confidence and over confidence. Group activities and owing responsibilities are good practices to build your confidence.

Communication Skills

Good writing, reading and listening skills are also important to get selected in ISSB. This means communication skills where one have good sense of using vocabulary and grammar either using English or Urdu are desired qualities in candidates by ISSB.


A convinced and motivated candidate is always suitable for armed forces. It is necessary that vision of candidate must be clear about the reason he is joining the forces. He must know all possible about why is he applying for armed forces.

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