Funny Pakistani Beggars Speaking English much Better than you- Watch this video

پاکستان کے بھکاریوں کی ایسی انگلش کے انگریز بھی شرما جائیں

Pakistan is a country which is full of talent. The people of Pakistan are known for their skills and talents. Most of the people in Pakistan don’t even known that Pakistanis are also considered as one of the most talented public in whole world. But the only issue is lack of opportunities, a clear example to prove this is; many Pakistanis who left country and got opportunity to live in developed countries excel their talent and become famous personalities.

This video is only for the sake of fun but there is an important message in it as well i.e. the ignorance and corruption of our governments has pampered the talents of our people. They are educated most of the times but due to non availability of opportunities they fell into some psychological disorders. Some of the examples are presented in this video.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں