Most Deadliest and Aggressive Animals in World

Deadliest animals around the world

Are you searching for the most deadliest and aggressive animals in world?? then you are at the right place. Here you will find list of some deadliest animals living today. While it’s never a good idea to get overly familiar with animals, these ones are especially dangerous to pal around with. Of course, most animal encounters end peacefully. However, animal attacks are a more serious public health hazard than you might think. Every year, thousands of people around the world die from injuries incurred during an animal attack.

There are a few primordial human fears that supersede all the others. Heights, drowning, tight spaces, fire. But there is probably no fear stronger than the one we feel in the presence of animals that can kill us.The creatures on this list are all confirmed killers. Some of them are more accomplished than others. You’ll see all the mainstays that you’d expect to see, as well as a few surprises that may make you a little more uneasy in your day to day life.

Interestingly, it is very rare for an animal to deliberately attack a human with the intention to kill and eat them. There are exceptions. Tigers, for instance, are notorious for being one of the only predators to adopt people as a regular prey animal.

We have presented the deadliest animals in the world, in ascending likelihood of them potentially killing you. Each creature’s name is followed by an estimate of how many people they kill every year, globally. Here is the list of most deadliest animals with pictures and details.

Most Deadliest Animals In The World


Most Deadliest Animals
Cougar – Deadliest Animal

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, are feared by hikers, campers and mountain bikers across North America. They have accounted for many deaths, but attacks are surprisingly rare. Mountain lions typically kill a person in North America once every few years. Most recently, a man named Robert Nawojski was attacked and killed by a mountain lion near his home in Pinos Altos, New Mexico. His body was not found for several days. Cougar attacks are most common in late spring and early summer, when juveniles separate from their mothers and establish their own territory. Like bears, “subadult” or adolescent cougars are more dangerous than cubs or adults.


most deadliest animals in world
Coyote- Most Deadliest Animal

Coyote attacks are very rare, but are becoming less rare as coyote populations increase in urban areas. There are two known cases of coyotes attacking and killing humans. It is unclear whether the majority of “coyote” attacks reported are by true coyotes, or by coyote-wolf hybrids called “coywolves.” In the United States, the majority of known coyote attacks have occurred in Los Angeles city limits. Coyotes are an “anthropophilic” species, meaning they flourish in urbanized environments. As they become more conditioned to being around humans, they are also becoming bolder. Hopefully this does not translate to an uptick in coyote attacks.


Most Deadliest Animal
Deadliest Bird Cassowary

The cassowary is an extremely large and aggression-prone bird that’s native to New Guinea. They are known to charge people, especially people who routinely feed them. There have been about 150 known cassowary attacks on humans, and only one of them was fatal. It happened in 1926.


Deadliest animals
Deadliest Birds and Animals

Yep, seriously. Swans are very large birds, and, like many other birds, defend their nests violently if they feel their young are in danger. An Illinois man named Anthony Hensley was drowned in 2012 when two swans protecting a nest flipped his kayak over. Swans are also very strong – strong enough to break human bones.


Dangerous and Deadliest animals in world
Elk- deadly animal

Elk attacks on humans are extremely rare. Elks are, however, one of the largest animals in North America, typically weighing between 300 and 700 pounds. Two deaths from elk attack have occurred in recent years. Both were trampling deaths, occurring in 2011 and 2012.


animals in world
Deadly cats

Sure, if you went head to head with your cat, there’s virtually no chance of them being able to inflict a fatal blow. However, cat bites can be vectors for deadly diseases. Cats are also known for occasionally (accidentally) suffocating infants by laying on their faces. Thankfully, it’s rare.


Jaguar a deadly predator
deadly animal and predator jaguar

Jaguars are typically much kinder to people than other members of the Panthera genus (which includes lions, tigers and cheetahs). However, attacks are increasing as their habitat and prey supply decreases. Most attacks are still on zookeepers. Interestingly, jaguars were much more predatory towards humans during conquistador times.


deadly animals
Deadly Dingo

The dingo, a wild dog of Australia, attacks humans very rarely. There have been two confirmed deaths by dingo attack, both of them young children. One occurred in 2001, and the other in 1980. The 1980 case was covered globally, as the victim’s mother was falsely accused of murder.


world's deadly animals
deadly animals in world

For such a huge animal that has a reputation for belligerence, the rhino is surprisingly benign when it comes to risk of attack. There are about two rhino attacks reported per year, and most of them are not fatal. Rhino deaths do occur, but are very rare.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons rarely attack people, but there have been fatalities reported. Between 1974 and 2012, there were 24 attacks in Komodo National Park. Five of them were deadly. Komodo dragons have saliva that carries a very dangerous payload of bacteria that renders the huge lizard effectively venomous.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket

They may look fearsome, but the common yellowjacket is far less dangerous than their smaller cousin the honeybee, or other species of wasp. There have been three recorded deaths from yellowjacket stings in the United States since 1998.



Chimpanzees used to be considered harmless and fun-loving. Now, they’re more synonymous with violence. While attacks on humans are rare, they do happen. One infamous chimp, nicknamed Saddam, terrorized remote Ugandan villages in the mid nineties, killing at least two children. There was also a spate of chimp attacks in the Congo in response to habitat loss.


Killer fish in rivers
Prinaha Fish

As proven by River Monsters, fish can be potentially deadly to people, whether through predatory behavior or by accident. Not including sharks, fish take human lives on a fairly regular basis. The most dangerous offenders include piranha, catfish, arapaima and stingrays.


Moose the animal planet

The humble moose is technically the most dangerous animal in North America. There are more moose attacks in Alaska than bear and wolf attacks combined. Most moose attacks don’t result in death, but occasionally they do. More deaths are actually caused by auto collisions with mooses than attacks.

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