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Top 10 Reasons for Studying Medicine or Dentistry in Eastern Europe

Many students have been unsuccessful in pursuing medicine or dentistry in their home countries such as UK, Germany, USA. The nature of such courses is highly competitive. Here’s why you should consider studying in Europe: The course is taught entirely in English, with a foreign language class taught a few hours per week to help… Read More »

When Learning Doesn’t Come Easy

From the moment we find out we are expecting a child, our minds and hearts overflow with hopes and dreams for them. My child will be the most beautiful, brilliant, talented little person to ever walk the Earth, right? And they are that to each of us! But sometimes, we discover there is a “problem.”… Read More »

Learning Is More Than Memorizing

Learn your ABCs, learn the Periodic Table, learn when to say no. Which are memorization exercises and which represent learning? And does it make a difference how one acquires knowledge as long as it gets stuffed into the grey matter between the ears? Apparently, it does matter according to Oakland high-school teacher and tutor, Ben… Read More »