Anthony Joshua Vs. Klitschko Heavy Weight Boxing Championship

Heavy Weight Boxing Anthony Joshua Wembley UK

Over 90,000 fans will witness a great fight between youth and experience, when Wladiir Klitschko will face Anthony Joshua at Wembley. As per the record of confirm tickets sold so far, it will be the biggest crowd Britain will observe in boxing competition since 1939. Unbeatable Joshua is most favorite so far, being winner of his 18 professional fights.

The 2012 Olympic gold medallist has the hallmarks of a great heavyweight champion. Big punching power, speed, and the instincts to go for the knockout when the opportunity presents itself.

The heavy weight champion also bagged gold medal in 2012 Olympics with instincts, punching power and speed.
Klitschko is now on a quest to emulate his brother Vitali’s success by joining an illustrious list of fighters who’ve won world titles on three occasions.

With 64 wins and four losses to his name, it’s no wonder why the Ukrainian is regarded as the 27-year-olds toughest opponent in boxing’s top weight division. But at 41 years of age, father time could finally be catching up with Klitschko. While defeat to Joshua may see the end of ‘Doctor Steelhammer’s’ career, his demise could also be a good omen for the heavyweight division.

The period when Klitschko was champion was not a good time for heavy weight boxers. The weight-class needs to identify the next big thing so that it can continue its tradition of having sports superstars.

The Muhammad Ali’s and Mike Tyson’s of this world could be what the heavyweight division needs to revive boxing. Big drawcards in the heavyweight division have been in short supply over the years so it is up to Anthony Joshua to carry the torch and ensure that the heavyweight division returns to its glory days.

It is a lot of pressure on the 27-year-old and only through time will we find out if the Brit has what it takes to live up to the hype.

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