Alternative Energy Sources – let’s make planet sustainable for generations

Alternative Sources of Energy

Alternative Energy Sources – let’s make planet sustainable for generations

It is now good that humans have realized the harms they have caused to the environment so far; due to which now humans are thinking to overcome the problems they have caused. The focus shifts to using alternative sources of energy. Alternative Energy Sources as an important term is used very commonly now days and almost everywhere around the world. But most of the people are not truly familiar with what these sources are? Why help is sought from them in perspective of environment? So it is necessary at the first place to understand what exactly these sources are? Alternative Sources of Energy are those sources which never produce harmful or undesirable consequences towards our environment and they are more cost effective, renewable and free.

These alternative sources can be used to meet energy requirements of houses, cars, factories and other facilities. For meeting the ever growing energy demands of humans; scientists around the globe are conducting researches on developing or discovering new alternative sources of energy, which not only cater the need of population but bring efficiency and safety along with them.

Alternative Sources of Energy that can cater the human need with causing and harm to environment or misbalancing of nature are as under;

Common Alternative Sources of Energy

Hydroelectric Power

Water stored in dams and other water reservoirs is used in this type to spin water turbines to generate electric power. Such technique for energy production is known as Hydroelectric Power Generation. At the present time this is the top most source used all around the world.


  • Main source of this generation is water which is free
  • Virtual and continuous electricity production by dams
  • Water used in this process can be reused any where
  • No harm to environment as no chemical reaction occurs in this whole process

 Solar Energy

Energy received by earth from sun is known as solar energy. The promising nature of this source will make this available to humanity even after many centuries. But main issue so far is that it is necessary to find out even more efficient way to tap solar energy as compare to the methods used currently. In this process solar rays are converted to electricity by using photovoltaic cells. Another best thing about this source is it’s usage in water heating, cooking food along with electricity production.

Advantages of solar energy

  • This source is totally free of cost
  • Using batteries make it available even after sun set
  • In remote areas where availability of conventional sources of energy are not available solar power generators can be used.
  • It is totally clean and quite
  • It will not deplete even after millions of years and is totally renewable source.

 Wind Energy

In this method electricity is produced by wind. The blades of wind turbines are attached to electric generator which rotate the turbine due to wind power and thus produce electricity. It is one of the best source in areas where air velocity is high i.e. coastal regions are best for such production.

 Advantages of wind energy

  • It’s totally clean form of energy
  • Wind as a source is totally free of cost
  • It is totally renewable form of energy

Biomass Energy

This form is produced from wastes produced by human or animals due to several activities. Municipal wastes, agricultural yields, waste of timber industry can be used to produce such energy. It is useful in another aspect that it consume harmful waste material to produce energy and thus dispose them off to make environment safer.

 Advantages of biomass energy

  • As biological wastes or masses are utilized in this process therefore this is an environment friendly option
  • It recycle and re use the solid and other wastes.
  • This will decompose the biomasses which is part of natural biological cycle.

Latest Alternative Energy Sources

As discussed earlier above that scientist are conducting researches and developing more and more methods of alternative energy sources therefore, I hereby discuss shortly some of the new alternative sources of energy. These are very newly added to list of alternative sources of energy.

 Geothermal Energy

Everybody know that; the deeper we go inside the earth the temperature will increase. In this type of energy generation the inner energy of the earth coming from the core is trapped to produce energy. The heat of the inner core increase the temperature of the water and produce steam which is then trapped to produce enough pressure that steam turbines can be rotated just like steam engine thus producing electricity.

geo thermal energy production process
geo thermal production of energy

Advantages of geothermal energy

  • Just like all other sources it is also free of cost
  • No harmful by- products are produced in this method when proper system is adopted.

 Tidal Power

The surface of earth is 71.11% covered by water bodies especially oceans. The tides in water rise and fall due to the gravity of sun and moon. Since we know about how the position of moon changes we can predict the rise and fall of tides. This rise and fall of tides can be utilized by setting up small dams and passing water through the turbines to generate power.

Tidal energy production
Tidal energy production turbines

71.11% of the earth surface is covered by water especially the oceans. Due to gravity of moon and sun tides rise and fall in water. Moreover, the rise and fall of tides can be predicted as we know the moon position. These tides can then be passed from turbines to generate electricity.

Advantages of tidal energy

  • Source is renewable and totally free
  • No type of pollution is caused by this method.

Challenges Using Alternative Sources

The uses of alternative sources of energy sounds very promising, but still there is need of finding out more efficient and effective ways to top such energy. Many small production units are placed at all possible places around the world by every country almost, but there is still need to find out methods for mass production of energy using alternative resources. Therefore, the main source is hydroelectric power generation up till now for mass production.

Many countries are not yet ready to move from using conventional energy sources to the alternative energy sources as it involves a huge amount to decommission the old power generation infrastructure and establish a new infrastructure. Therefore, the shift is ideal to be made in phases.

As using these sources means to decommission the power generation infrastructures and installing new infrastructure therefore, many countries are still constraint to use these resources. Therefore, for an ideal shift it is necessary to make this possible in phases.


Why to Use alternative Sources of Energy?

Due to their environment friendly nature and cost effectiveness (i.e. almost free of cost) they are the best option so far. The power generated from these sources is totally free, safe, efficient, effective and green. The problem of global warming due to mass production of Carbon Dioxide can be solved within few years if we shift from conventional to alternative energy sources. Another benefit is to preserve the fast depleting conventional sources. As we known that energy production by conventional methods cause air, sound and soil pollution and also produce toxins to water and land. Therefore, this can only be controlled by using alternative sources of energy.

The damage that we have caused to earth after the industrial revolution is huge and we will have to take action immediately if we want to keep the planet sustainable for our future generations. The biggest leap that mankind can take to prevent further damage is to start using alternative energy sources.

We have already caused huge damage to our planet due to industrial revolution, therefore for saving future of our generations we have to think over shifting to more environment and earth friendly methodologies. Therefore, we can say that, “the biggest achievement in our today is to make planet earth sustainable for our generation, by shifting to use of alternative sources of energy”

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Written by:

Syed Khurram Ali Jafree


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