How to Master Anything Quickly

By | February 2, 2019

Do you sometimes feel like you’re a slow learner? Do you feel like after you’ve read a book that you still didn’t get much from it, or it just went from one end and out the other? Are you getting those self help books but still aren’t getting anything out of it? This was me years ago until I learned what I’m about to teach you on how to master basically anything quickly and easily.

The quickest way to answer how to master anything quickly is something called spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is listening or doing something over a period of time until it is ingrained in your mind. A perfect example of when you could use spaced repetition would be when you get a brand self help audio. Normally you would listen to each track once, do the exercises then move on. Maybe once of twice review your notes or listen to a track a couple more times. But to get a lot more out of the audio program you would listen to each track a bunch of times in a short period of time. You would then move on to the next track and do the same thing.

Think of it like when you hear a brand new hit song on the radio. When you first hear it you don’t know the words but after a couple weeks of always hearing THAT same song on the radio over and over again you learn the words without even knowing it. That’s spaced repetition working on you! You don’t have to necessarily like it but since you’ve heard it so many times it gets ingrained in your head almost like a habit.

You can use spaced repetition with anything like audio, books, flash cards etc… But audio is by far the most effective in my opinion. With audio you don’t need alone time to do it. You can listen to an audio anytime and even if you’re doing something, even something like SLEEP. With a book you have to use alone time with it, you can’t read and vacuum at the same time but with audio you can. Using audio you can listen in your car, at the gym anywhere you please.

Then you wonder how many times do I have to listen to something for it to get ingrained? Well generally speaking listen to something 21 times over a span of 30 days will help. It will eventually turn into a habit. Or if it’s broken down into multiple tracks I would listen to a certain track at least 7 times before I move to the next track.

If you do this on anything you’re trying to learn I promise you, you will get A LOT more out of it. You will learn a lot faster then going through something once or twice and expecting to take action with it right away. I do this for everything I do now and it’s helped me master anything quickly.

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