Privilege and Medicine – Live Facts in the UK

In a British Medical Association’s survey, a fierce fact reflected on the Britain’s medical profession. A huge 80% of medical students come from the most affluent families and background containing professionals, higher managerial roles and a quarter students from private institutions. Studies shows applicants from such privileged backgrounds are most likely to get selected than… Read More »

Top 10 Reasons for Studying Medicine or Dentistry in Eastern Europe

Many students have been unsuccessful in pursuing medicine or dentistry in their home countries such as UK, Germany, USA. The nature of such courses is highly competitive. Here’s why you should consider studying in Europe: The course is taught entirely in English, with a foreign language class taught a few hours per week to help… Read More »

Natural Health Center – Living Well and Learning

Find Natural Health Center(s) in the United States and Canada. At a natural health center, individuals can receive natural healing treatments and can also acquire knowledge about the various natural medicines available today. Whether you’re making your initial trip to a natural health center, or you’ve come back to learn more about innovative healthcare remedies,… Read More »

How to Master Anything Quickly

Do you sometimes feel like you’re a slow learner? Do you feel like after you’ve read a book that you still didn’t get much from it, or it just went from one end and out the other? Are you getting those self help books but still aren’t getting anything out of it? This was me… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Basics

During the past few years, the terms artificial intelligence and machine learning have begun showing up frequently in technology news and websites. Often the two are used as synonyms, but many experts argue that they have subtle but real differences. And of course, the experts sometimes disagree among themselves about what those differences are. In… Read More »

When Learning Doesn’t Come Easy

From the moment we find out we are expecting a child, our minds and hearts overflow with hopes and dreams for them. My child will be the most beautiful, brilliant, talented little person to ever walk the Earth, right? And they are that to each of us! But sometimes, we discover there is a “problem.”… Read More »

Cognitive Skills Determine Learning Ability

Research has shown that cognitive skills are a determining factor of an individual’s learning ability. Cognitive skills are mental skills that are used in the process of acquiring knowledge; according to the skills that “separate the good learners from the so-so learners.” In essence, when cognitive skills are strong, learning is fast and easy.… Read More »

5 Strategies For Learning American Sign Language

To increase your language learning in the classroom, develop the following habits: 1. Build a language community. Try not to miss class, especially at the beginning. Your class strives to form a language community: the cohesiveness of the group influences how rich the language exchange is in the classroom. Missing class makes it difficult to… Read More »