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Solved FPSC MCQs for Motorway Police Jobs Test

FPSC MCQs with Answers for One Paper Tests Exams Federal Public Service Commission Preparation Notes for one Papers Tets 1: Who was the leader of Boy Scout association? A: Lord Pitman                  B: Lord Baden Paul  C: john Baden Paul     D: none… Read More

solved islamic history notes CSS, FPSC, NTS

Month Wise Islamic History Notes/Outlines for CSS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PMS, PTS, OTS

PPSC , NTS ,OTS, PTS, FPSC CSS , FPSC , PMS PAST PAPERS PREPARATION OF TEST AND JOBS INFO IN PAKISTAN Jamadi-us-Sani 10th – Battle of Mauta and martyrdom of Hazra Jafer Tayyar(a.s.) – (3 A.H.) 13th – Death of… Read More

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Solved Paper of FPSC- Valuation/Appraising Officer

1. Wool gathering meaning- indulgence in aimless thoughts and dreamy imagination; absent minded. usage: Mother advised to her son to not wool gather and be serious 2. Under the harrow meaning: in difficult situation; distress usage:After giving divorce to her… Read More

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Solved MCQs International Relations Paper CSS 2002-04

International Relations Paper – 2002 1. Present Secretary General of the U.N belongs to: a) Nigeria b) Ghana c) Chile d) None of these b) Ghana (Kofi Anan) 2. Leader of Taliban Government in Afghanistan was: a) Hekmatyar b) Mullah… Read More

CSS Solved Paper Pakistan Affairs

ُPakistan Profile- Timeline of Main Events (1906- 2017 )

Chronology of Main Events 1906 – Muslim League founded as forum for Indian Muslim separatism. 1940 – Muslim League endorses idea of separate nation for India’s Muslims. 1947 – Muslim state of East and West Pakistan created out of partition… Read More