Pakistan to launch its own remote sensing satellite in March 2018

A Public Release from Pakistan’s Space agency SUPARCO stated that they are all set to launch Pakistan’s first ever optical remote sensing satellite in 2018 that is currently under development at Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission in collaboration with different universities throughout the country.
SUPARCO has set up its own version of Global navigation satellite system (GNS), also has acquired the Beidou navigation system of China for this satellite since September 2012.

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According to the available details this satellite will be equipped with various sensors and instruments including very high resolution radiometer & Synthetic aperture radar.
Pakistan, at present is using a foreign satellite, however, after sending its own remote sensing satellite into space, the country will not have to pay huge sums for foreign satellite.

Ayaz Aziz Member of Range and Instrumentation (R&I) was the chief guest at a ceremony in the National Center for Remote Sensing & Geo-Informatics. He said, while addressing the ceremony,

“Our first optical remote sensing satellite PRSS-1 is all set to be launched in 2018 with which Pakistan will become self-reliant in multispectral imaging thus saving a huge foreign exchange on account of satellite imagery and satellite-based monitoring of various national projects. Our communication satellite Paksat-1R is up and running with efficient provision of communication and broadcast services throughout the country and neighboring regions”.

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