How Nuclear Weapons can Destroy our World?

How Nuclear Weapons can Destroy our World? What if Russia and USA had a nuclear war? If they both use their current nuclear arsenals they would burn every major city and industrial area around the world. Professor Alan Robok a distinguished scholar and climatologist and professor from department of Environmental Sciences,  Rutgers University; has answered this question as under.

Within one week of nuclear war 150 Million tons of black smoke would enter the atmosphere and rise up to stratosphere and lasting for years and covering the earth. The sun light will be absorbed by this black smoke and make it impossible to reach the surface of the Earth. Within two weeks after the war, as the smoke spread around the world it gets dark and cold at the surface.

How Nuclear Weapons can Destroy our World?

The sun light absorbed by the smoke in atmosphere will heat it up and destroy the Ozone Layer there, which will let dangerous Ultra Violet (UV) rays to reach the surface of the earth. Even though some of these UVs will be absorbed by the smoke but much more will get to the surface. These UV radiations will destroy the DNA the building block of lives, thus leading a drastic increase in cases of cancer.

After two months temperature over all land regions plummet below freezing, this will lead to nuclear winter. Agriculture grinds to a halt and will not be possible for several years. At two months mark, rain halts over all continental regions and some falls as snow instead which will add to problems for agriculture.

After four months famine begins as existing stock of food run out. Cold, dry and dark conditions of weather will prevent the possibilities of agriculture for several years. After two years most of the people will starve to death and only a few people will survive who will be living on coast lines being fisher/hunter gatherer. But they have to deal with cold, dark conditions and the enhanced UV radiations.

How Nuclear Weapons can Destroy our World?

The number of survivors will be very low and most will be in the Southern hemisphere, far from the bombs and surrounded by warm sea that will reduce cooling. After almost four years the temperature will begin to rise but will not be back to prewar conditions for next 20 years at least.  Rain falls will also begin to rise slowly.

Even after five years of war, the cases of skin cancer will be on rise, so is the UVs damaging the plants. It would take around 10 years for nature to take over once again. After 20 years any survivors will have to stay away from highly radioactive areas.

All this can happen with the currently operational 4000 nuclear weapons in the US and Russian arsenals. Even the use of 100 nuclear weapons from any of the nine nuclear nations could produce climate change unprecedented in known human history and results for famine for billions.

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