Geographical Terms
Term Defination
Alluvium Silt sediments carried by rivers and deposited on land to make it fertile
Anti- Cyclone High pressure winds blowing outwards from the centre, clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the Southern hemisphere
Antipodes A region on the opposite side of the earth
Aphelion A term used in physical geography
Archipelago A group of islands- example Malaysian Archipelago
Artesian wells The wells are to be found when a water bearing bed is sandwiched between two impervious beds. When a boring is made into the lower part of the bed the pressure of water is sufficient to cause the water to overflow at the surface.
Atmosphere Gaseous envelop around the earth expanding above it from 200- 300 miles.
Atoll Coral reef of the shape of a horse shoe with a Lagoon in the centre e.g.  Lakshadweep islands
Axis An imaginary line passing through the centre of the earth and facing the North and the South Poles.
Bar sphere Innermost lining of the earth
Basin Area of land drained by a rive, dock for anchoring ships
Biosphere Organic life on earth, all animals and animate objects
Bore Tidal wave which breaks in the estuaries of some rivers with great force and noise
Canyon A deep valley cut by a river running down from mountainous region
Cape Terminating point of the neck of land extending into the sea
Chinook Warm dry wind along the eastern side of rocky mountains in Canada and USA
Cloudburst Clouds break into heavy downpour with thunderstorm
Confluence When two or more rivers meet at a place; the confluence of the Ganges, Jumuna and Sarswati at Allahabad, India
Cold Water A cold current flowing between Greenland and America
Coniferous Forest Ever green trees and leaves like the pine trees
Continental Climate The climate obtaining in the interior of the great continents
Continental Shelf A part of land submerged under the sea nor more than 600 ft deep. The richest fishing area
Contours Line connecting parts of the same altitude above sea level
Coral Marine pelyps (small insects oozes secretions which under current pressure of the sea or ocean from into stiff mass of coral islands; fond near Australia
Crop Rotation Crops grown one after another after harvesting to keep the land under cultivation and retain its fertility
Cyclone Winds blowing in spiral form from outward high pressure to inward low pressure , and bringing rain and change in weather
Date Line (International Date Line) It is at 180 meridian from Greenwich, a ship while crossing the line eastwards goes forward a day while westwards it goes back a day
Deciduous Forests Trees with broad leaves which fall off in autumn, found in temperate regions
Delta Deposits of alluvial soil forming triangular shape at the mouth of a river where it falls into the sea, e.g. Nile delta
Denudation Wear and tear of rock to natural causes
Depressed seas Inland locked whose levels are low and inflow of water less
Diurnal Range The amount of variation in any elements as air or temperature during 24 hours.
Dof Star It is the nearest star to the earth and the brightest
Dry Farming Raising of crops in areas which have conserved the moisture, having limited rainfall and no irrigation


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