life is so beautiful

Why Life is Beautiful? – here are 5 Reasons you must know

5 Reasons Why Life Is Beautiful Allah created life with many beneficial features for us. So we must never forget that Allah created life and gave it to us as a gift. We must thank Allah for everything in our… Read More

Islamic sites and locations

Important Locations and Landmarks in Islamic World to visit in Life Time

11 Important Locations & Islamic Landmarks in the World to See While Islamic art and architecture are both popular for their beauty and attention to detail, there are some Islamic landmarks around the world that are significant due to their… Read More

solved islamic history notes CSS, FPSC, NTS

Month Wise Islamic History Notes/Outlines for CSS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PMS, PTS, OTS

PPSC , NTS ,OTS, PTS, FPSC CSS , FPSC , PMS PAST PAPERS PREPARATION OF TEST AND JOBS INFO IN PAKISTAN Jamadi-us-Sani 10th – Battle of Mauta and martyrdom of Hazra Jafer Tayyar(a.s.) – (3 A.H.) 13th – Death of… Read More

General Knowledge Question with Answers Islamic Studies- about all Prophets

Aad was the nation of Hood. After seven day’s continuous rain and storm the nation of Hood destroyed. Nation of Samood was preached by Salih. Miracle of pregnant female camel was sent to Samood. 3 Sahifay were revealed to Ibrahim.… Read More

CSS Notes Muslim Law and Jurisprudence

Muslim Law and Jurisprudence- Sources of Islamic Law

According to Islam the term used to refer law is “Sharia”.  Here is my article about Muslim Law and Jurisprudence- Sources of Islamic Law, which is one of the most comprehensive system related to legal aspects given to mankind is… Read More