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Current Affairs Solved MCQs- CSS, FPSC, NTS, PPSC,

Current Affairs MCQs These are solved MCQs for current affairs from No. 21 to 50, useful for all types of exams, jobs tests, banking jobs in Pakistan, Current Affairs paper CSS, FPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS, PPSC, KPPSC, Banking jobs… Read More

Every Day Science Solved MCQs

Scientific Units- Everyday Science MCQs Preparation

1. Force: Newton/ Dyne 2. Temperature: Kelvin/ Celsius/ Degree 3. Current: Ampere 4. Heat: Joule/ Calorie/ BTU 5. Pressure: Pascal/Torr 6. Radioactivity: Becquerel/Curie/Rutherford 7. Atomic energy: Rydberg/Joule 8. Voltage: Volt 9. Electric Potential Difference: Volt 10. Electric Charge: Coulomb 11.… Read More

Lecturer jobs in Pakistan

Solved MCQs for Zoology- Lecturer Zoology Jobs

Which of the four options make the following statement correct? On your answer books just write the question number and one of the serial alphabets.(1) Insects are characterized by: (a) 3 pairs of legs (b) Two pairs of antennae (c)… Read More

Solved MCQs of Business Administration

#CSS Solved MCQs . These are useful for any type of tests like #FPSC#PSC #PPSC #AJKPSC #NTS #PTS #BPSC #KPPSC #Banking#govtJobsinPakistan #GovtJobs #MultinationalJobs etc. These are also helpful for #AcademicExams #GAT #GRE etc. Find answers at the end. #MCQs Business Administration Paper (1) Public Accountants generally perform these services: (a) Income tax services, Management Advisory services, and… Read More

General Knowledge Pakistan FPSC NTS PSC

General Knowledge About Pakistan MCQs

This comprised of lot of information about Pakistan. This article comprised of lot of questions usually asked in FPSC, CSS, AJKPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS and other competative exams GAT, GRE etc. General Knowledge MCQs, Pak Studies MCQs, Current Affairs, English,… Read More