Pakistan Current Affairs Solved MCQs 2017

Pakistan Current Affairs for Year 2018 MCQs with Answers

Due to which militant group, Iran threatened Pakistan that they would hit bases of Militants inside Pakistan? A. ISIS B. Lashkar-e-Taiba C. Jaish-al-Adl D. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan How many members joint investigation team (JIT) formed by Sup­reme Court? A. 4 members… Read More

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Solved Paper of FPSC- Valuation/Appraising Officer

1. Wool gathering meaning- indulgence in aimless thoughts and dreamy imagination; absent minded. usage: Mother advised to her son to not wool gather and be serious 2. Under the harrow meaning: in difficult situation; distress usage:After giving divorce to her… Read More


General Knowledge Questions with Answers – FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and Others

General Knowledge Questions with Answers for FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PSC, NTS, PTS, OTS, and Others. This will help students and those who are searching for jobs to improve general knowledge. General Knowledge Questions with Answers 1. The river Danube rises… Read More

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Solved MCQs International Relations Paper CSS 2002-04

International Relations Paper – 2002 1. Present Secretary General of the U.N belongs to: a) Nigeria b) Ghana c) Chile d) None of these b) Ghana (Kofi Anan) 2. Leader of Taliban Government in Afghanistan was: a) Hekmatyar b) Mullah… Read More

CSS Solved Paper Pakistan Affairs

ُPakistan Profile- Timeline of Main Events (1906- 2017 )

Chronology of Main Events 1906 – Muslim League founded as forum for Indian Muslim separatism. 1940 – Muslim League endorses idea of separate nation for India’s Muslims. 1947 – Muslim state of East and West Pakistan created out of partition… Read More

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02 – Solved MCQs History of USA CSS Paper 2000

Find below the solved MCQs of History of USA CSS Paper from 2000- 02. More will be uploaded soon for CSS Optional Paper preparation. Solved MCQs History of USA CSS Paper 2000 (1) America was named after: (a) Christopher Columbus… Read More

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Solved MCQs English- FPSC, CSS, NTS

English Notes:Complete Notes for Preparation of English Tests/Examinations by various departments like PPSC,SPSC,NTS,CSS,PMS,KPPSC,BPSC,AJKPSC,COPMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS,NAVY,PAF,ARMY,POLICE.Download English MCQs Book English MCQs,Questions,Notes,Questions with Answers,Quiz,Online Tests,Important Solved Questions. Subject of English has a great importance in all types of examination like css,pcs or other… Read More