How to Get Lean Quick – Without the Use of Supplements

Are you looking for ways on how to get lean quick? If so, this article will show you how to achieve that look without the use of supplements. We all have unique, individual bodies so you will have to slightly adjust some of these guidelines depending on your age and body type etc.

~ How to get lean quick tips:

  • Speed up your metabolism: Do interval training cardio exercise 4 – 6 days per week on the treadmill, cross trainer, lifecycle etc. If you like the great outdoors then running, cycling etc works really well too. 30 minute sessions are all you need to jump start your metabolism.
  • Burn fat with weights/machines: Did you know that lean muscle tissue burns fat like crazy? So, the more muscle you have the faster you will not only get lean but stay in amazing condition to. Make strength training a part of your routine at least 3 times per week, it is probably one of the best methods on how to get lean muscle.
  • Eat fat burning foods: You can get lean super fast by eating the right foods and the right amounts. Speed up the fat burning process by eating little and often, this means 5- 7 times per day. For times when you are on the run or at your work station you can snack on soya/cashew nuts and high protein/low carb meal replacement bars etc. Is it easy dieting? As long as you stay focused it can be.
  • Proteins, fats and carbs: Educate yourself on these 3 groups because they are very important in getting that super lean look and losing weight quick. As a rough guide for this article keep your protein up to 1 gramme per pound of your body weight. Eat low carb/glycemic index foods to boost fat burning as your body will burn your existing fat for energy while eating these = get lean quicker.
  • Water, water, water: Drink at least 10 – 12 glasses of water per day on top of your work out intake, it is a major fundamental in the how to get lean quick programme. This will flush your body of unwanted toxins. Replace coffee/tea with green tea as it has fat burning properties and antioxidants for healthier body cells.
  • Extra how to get lean quick tip: If you are in a rush to drop your body fat super fast then do cardio interval training twice per day. Why? Well, after every cardio session your metabolism goes into overdrive but will slow down again a few hours later. By doing the cardio both morning and evening you are boosting your metabolic rate twice a day instead of just the once. The results from this are outstanding though should only be followed for short periods of time due to the intensity.

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